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Try Before You Buy


Dive into the world of AI-powered customer interactions with our one-week trial on our testing environment. Before making any commitments, see firsthand how our chatbot enhances the user experience, streamlines operations, and elevates your brand.

Custom Training: Chatbot learns from your selected content during the trial.

7-Day Test: Evaluate our chatbot's smart responses all week.

We Listen: Share insights and suggestions—we fine-tune accordingly.

Easy Upgrade: Enjoyed the trial? Integrate seamlessly on your site.

Basic Package



Small businesses looking to dip their toes into the world of AI chatbots.

Engage up to 1,000 customers per month effortlessly

Deep knowledge from over 2,500 webpages ensures precise answers

Insights from up to 500 PDFs for comprehensive support

Stay updated with monthly data refinements

Responsive email support

Integration assistance with essential tools

Collect Leads

Embeddable Widget on Unlimited Sites

Human Support Fallback

Team Members: 1


Pro Package



Mid-sized businesses aiming to enhance their customer interactions and optimize service delivery.

All the benefits of the Basic package

Cater to 5,000 customer interactions monthly

Expertise drawn from 5,000 webpages for spot-on responses

Gathers knowledge from 2,000 PDFs to answer even niche queries

Weekly updates ensure your chatbot stays on the cutting edge

Multi-language chatbot support

Elevated priority email support

Advanced chatbot training for refined interactions

Team Members: Up to 3

Elite Package



Established businesses or those with intensive online engagement needs, looking for a comprehensive chatbot solution.

All the perks of the Pro package

Tackle up to 10,000 messages

Trained with content from up to 10,000 webpages

Learn up to 6,000 PDF pages

5 chatbot customizations to better align with your brand

Integration across multiple sites

Human assistance fallback for unmatched queries

Seamless integration with advanced tools and platforms (as they roll out)

Top-tier priority support for any queries or issues

Team Members: Up to 10